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Prével Alliance

This division of Groupe Prével builds strong, reliable partnerships that give way to to major real estate developments in Montreal and its outskirts—Au tournant de la gare being one such shining example. It collaborates with real estate developers and builders who share Prével’s vision of creating living environments finely attuned to the many different needs of families, couples and singe dwellers.

With over 37 years’ experience as a real estate developer and more than 10,000 housing units sold and rented, Groupe Prével continues to put forward a creative, human approach that stands out through quality and uniqueness. A few of its ongoing Montreal projects include le Lowney sur Ville, le 21e arrondissement, le S sur le Square and les Bassins du Havre.

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CF Jacobs

Established in Montreal's Rive-Sud more than 25 years ago, CF JACOBS counts nearly 1 800 families as its clients. Their success story has been forged by the quality of their projects, lauded by clients and peers in the residential construction industry. At the forefront of trends, integrated projects by CF JACOBS are carefully planned and strike the perfect balance between environmental consciousness and the needs of working families.

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Come visit us at our sales office located or contact us

Come visit us at our sales office located on 5 Racine Street, Saint Constant
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